Maruxa instantly cured me of starter business-itis! It was plaguing me and my team.

We hired her to come in for a VIP Day to help us map out our launch of my book, Be Your Own Boyfriend. We not only hit our goal, but after the session, I realized that this dream to launch my book felt more real. I knew we could do this! She also helped me realize I needed to show up differently. There’s not any time for extra “I’m going to make the world’s best socks”. Maruxa has thorough knowledge of book/virtual event launches. Her Tiers concept helped me see how I can really strategically grow my business!

Kaneisha Grayson

Author, Be Your Own Boyfriend

Choose The Coaching Option Right For You

VIP Strategy Day

This experience is designed for those who want 1 to 1 access to Maruxa in the most direct and confidential way. Maruxa works with a number of clients through this laser focused method to get to the strategy of building profitable communities faster than through group or weekly coaching.

Maruxa would meet with you (and your team, should you choose), to map out your next level of growth, address major challenges you may be experiencing in building your community and voice, or creating clarity around a rebrand for yourself or your business. After the session, you’ll have the opportunity to schedule 3 follow up 60-minute consulting sessions within the next 6 months to continue to stay on track with the plan you’ve created together.

VIP days in Austin, TX begin at $5,000, and several pre-requisites apply.

On occasions Maruxa may be available to travel for your consultation as well. Additional fees apply for travel.

Maruxa is brilliant compassionate person to work with. Her insights helped me tremendously in shaping my marketing career. I recommend her for anyone who needs to get clear about their vision. Terri Diekhaus

Marketing Consultant, Hardwire Marketing

Maruxa is a True Professional in all that she does. Maruxa is a multi talented business woman with a million dollar mindset. She utilizes her intuitive sense to help move her clients to the next level with her advice, mentoring and sound recommendations. She smart, witty, and engaging.
As a savvy Marketer, Maruxa is able to identify areas of your business that can help you stand out from the competition. She handles her clients with kid gloves AND a smile.

Tandelyn Weaver

Executive Director, The Kingdom Builders' Center

1:1 Coaching Packages

Maruxa is also available to connect with clients ongoing through a one-to-one model. Most clients will meet with her via Zoom video, Skype or FaceTime as clients are not limited to face-to-face meetups in Austin. However, should a client be in Austin for their session, meeting face to face would be an option as well.

1:1 Coaching is geared for those clients interested in finding their voice, growing their audience and breaking through fears and challenges through the scaling and upleveling process and making a profound shift in sales as a result.

With her training as a mental health therapist and her 10+ years inviting leaders to lead from within to build powerful connections with the people they serve, Maruxa supports her clients to bring forth programs and services that they are excited to bring to the world. Sales become effortless and community becomes a powerful force to reckon. Maruxa works with both service-based providers and physical product brand owners to create alignment in their values, messaging, clients and sales.

In one-on-one coaching, Maruxa works with you on what you’re needing at the moment based on where you’re at in your business.

Maruxa works with clients through both Laser Focused Results Coaching and Strategic Growth Coaching.

Laser Focused Results Coaching

What do Laser Focused Results Coaching Sessions look like?

You’re feeling stuck and would really appreciate immediate advice/coaching to get through a challenge you’re currently facing with your business/brand at this time.

Laser Focused Results Coaching gives you the flexibility to use Maruxa as a coach for “spot treatment” when you’re needing expert advice to move forward.

Some ideas for Laser Focused Results Coaching may feel like:

  • If you don’t know how to move forward in your messaging
  • You’re having a challenge with the community you’ve built and need expert strategy to support your community into its next phase
  • You’re not sure how to organize your messages/promotions to your audience
  • You want an expert pair of eyes to review your copy/sales pages or upcoming launch
  • You’d like another perspective on how to launch a brand message or community

You can pay based on what you’re needing at this time.

10 Hours


5 Hours


3 Hours


1 Hour


Working with Maruxa literally changed my life. I met Maruxa at a retreat. At the time I was harboring a deep rooted shame that I had no idea how to manage. I was so afraid all of the time, I was constantly hiding, living small and my business was suffering. It was so bad that my true self was starting to disappear. From the moment Maruxa began to engage with the group, she kept urging the members to “tell their stories” and “to find their voices.” By the next morning, as the group was sharing I took the bold, brave step and told thirteen women I barely new, my deepest secret that was literally choking out my life. The whole time, I just looked at Maruxa and clung to her promises that I would be safe and others would benefit if we- everyone, would tell our story.

As a result, I am rebranding my business to embrace my unique story knowing that telling it will help others to never have to feel as isolated as I did. That is what Maruxa did for me. That is what she can do for you.

Faydra Koenig

Author, Speaker, Podcaster

Strategic Growth Coaching

 Strategic Growth Coaching is a committed coaching relationship with Maruxa over 3 to 6 months. This is for those who recognize that the power of building a successful and sustainable business is in the long-term game of this experience.

Strategic Growth Coaching is best suited for those that have an idea they want to grow and bring into the world in a big way and recognize it takes time to lay out the foundation, the process and start growing the community in an organic and authentic way.

Strategic Growth Coaching Packages include:

  • An initial 2-hour session to create space to understand your business’ current state in detail and where you want to go during the time together
  • 2 60-minute sessions every month or four 30-minute sessions each week depending on your needs (we meet over Zoom video, Skype, or phone)
  • As-needed quick check ins before launches and other strategic checkpoints
  • Email correspondence as needed in between sessions for clarification on the strategies discussed during session
  • Access to Maruxa’s personal rolodex consisting of entrepreneurs, investors, influencers and product developers (strategic introductions would be made as needed)
  • Additional 1:1 Sessions available at $250 per hour
  • A discount of $1,000 towards in person VIP days (mentioned above)

3 Month Strategic Coaching

(total of 8 hours of coaching + everything mentioned above including email correspondence as needed):


6 Month Strategic Coaching

(total of 14 hours of coaching + everything mentioned above including email correspondence as needed):